Malibu Beach Engagement Session : Tiffany and Ben


We are often asked by our clients what beaches are nice to have an engagement session. We usually respond with something like “We usually like beaches that have some sort of landscape features around. It helps with variety so it’s not just sand and water.” So in the Los Angeles area, Malibu has many of those types of beaches. We really love the cliffs and greenery that surround the beach area. It gives us some things to work with when we want to shoot a longer session.

We met up with Tiffany and Ben and it was pretty cloudy and overcast. Tiffany was bummed that we would not have nice weather. But as we were driving up HWY 1 into Malibu, we noticed that the cloud cover was going to clear pretty fast and we would have amazing light at the end of the session. We were excited to tell Tiffany that it would be all good. We’ll have some great light later on. In the end, we were very fortunate to get some great light for Tiffany and Ben. Malibu gave us a gorgeous backdrop for their engagement session and we were reminded why everyone wants to move to Southern California!

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