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When is the best date/time to schedule our engagement session?

We can schedule engagement sessions any time of the year and in any location but we just try to follow a few basic guidelines when scheduling to optimize your experience and get you the best possible photos:

  • If you are planning to use the photos for the wedding, we advise to schedule the session at least 2 months prior to the wedding date so you have some time to order any products (prints, albums, etc.)
  • We always schedule the session to take advantage of the best light possible. Luckily in Southern California, we have amazing light throughout the whole year. So we usually schedule the start of the session a few hours before sunset and we shoot all the way till the sun goes down. This way we will get a variety of light.
  • Summer – We are able to start the session pretty late (5-6pm) since the sun sets around 7:30p-8:30pm. Beaches and public areas can get a bit crowded so those areas should only be scheduled during the weekdays.
  • Winter – Nice because certain areas like the beach or other outdoor areas are less crowded but just keep in mind that the sun sets early so we will start early. Usually sometime between 12pm-1pm.
  • Spring/Fall – My favorite time to shoot engagement sessions. Not too hot, not too crowded and the sun sets at a good time.
  • If we are shooting in an area with a lot of buildings or will be spending a lot of time indoors (downtown or museums), we will start much earlier when compared to sessions in open areas (beach or nature areas).
  • If you are interested in a more peaceful experience, we try to avoid weekends in crowded areas.
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